Monday, January 8, 2007

Musical Awakening

So I came home from work this evening and went about my normal routine of working on my Bowflex (insert advertising) and running, when what do I find on my television, but a documentary called "Fearless Freaks" celebrating the greatness of one of my favorite bands: The Flaming Lips.

As anyone who's been involved in creating/playing music will tell you, it only takes 1 good concert or song or show to re-awaken the creative spirit and make you jones for some musical creativity, so as I was running on my treadmill I started thinking up a melody.

Now traditionally I've always been the sort that would first pound out a harmony on my acoustic, fill in some drums, lay down some basic vocal melodies and then fill in the "sauce" (lyrics, bass, lead guitars, etc) in later on. I've pretty much only strayed from this formula once and that was for "I Breathe" which I wrote harmony guitar, melodies and lyrics all at the same time. But I had just gotten dumped that evening and getting broken up with gives one a magical power of writing depressing music rather efficiently.

So anyway, I found myself in a strange situation writing a song in this matter and it pleased me. I remember from reading the book, "When the Music's Over" by John Densmore that Jim Morrison would write the majority of The Doors music without touching any instruments: he simply would come up with a melody and rhythm in his head and share it with the rest of the band. Now, I am a piece of fly shit compared to Jim, but at least now I can understand how he could work that way whereas before it was all so impossible to me.

So I've been very dissapointed with myself lately as I've pretty much disregarded music composition. I guess the reason for it is because it's very hard for me, painful even. Some people find great release when they write a song. For me it makes me feel the pain or whatever I'm writing/singing about all over again and when it doesn't come out to my standards I get VERY frustrated. Besides, playing video games is so much easier.

I think therefore I am going to set goals for myself similar to what I do at the day job. I would like to write 3 songs in 6 months. That doesn't seem like an awful lot with a guy like Ryan Adams dropping 30 songs a day, but it's a significant amount of work for me. As I'm working through these pieces in progress I'll try to post the variations, etc as I go along.

Of course, more than likely I will do none of this and just go back to playing video games, but then you can give me shit because I proclaimed it on this blog (motivation by annoyance).

Word to your moms (I came to drop bombs)...

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