Monday, February 26, 2007

My New Work Home

Here's my new office location. I guess the location's cool, being next to Fanueil Hall and all, but the extra 15 minute walk from South Station is not so enjoyable.

They have us all locked away here. I'm on the 5th floor and there are extra card readers around our little section so that only people on my team can get in and out of the area. I guess working on a "highly confidential" project means you don't get to socialize.

The window seat's nice though...


Susan said...

You could take the commuter rail to South Station, take the red line one stop to Downtown Crossing and take the orange line one more stop to State Street...that's if you're feeling overly ambitious. ;)

Leo said...

Yeah, not feeling so ambitious. It would be 2 hours before I get there. The walk only ends up being 10-15 minutes or so. It's really much better than I thought it would be.