Sunday, May 18, 2008

Damned Xbox Live...

Xbox 360, why do you torture me so? I speak so highly of your virtues. I was an early-adopter. I will watch the same movie on Comcast On-Demand on you in order to support your cause and fuck me in the ass.

At least three times now I've tried to watch a streaming HD movie and had you stop mid-three quarters way (always at a key moment) and tell me you're buffering. That wouldn't be so bad, were you to know...buffer. But no, you sit there and do nothing and no amount of restarting fixes it. I must walk away from you for extended periods of time in order for you to complete your buffer madness and once you just never came back to me and I was out one movie rental. Damn you.

Tonight I sit and wait hoping that Sweeney Todd will finish downloading so I can watch the last 15 minutes. Meanwhile, it is taking so long, I have begun to watch "Knocked Up" on HDTV and honestly I'm thinking I might not return to my movie, or you, Xbox 360, ever.

I've sent Microsoft an email telling them of your mischievousness, but I assume they will disregard me. One would think you would behave a little more nicely considering a brand new baby Wii was brought into the household. This will NOT gain you more attention, you big black (Elite) baby...

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