Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Resources = Better Quality

There was a discussion on a blog I read daily about how the "iron triangle" of project management doesn't quite cut it.

The author (Douglas Adams) was trying to find an appropriate shape to represent a development project. I'm not going to try to suggest a solution.

I'm just going to vent that I'm tired of people suggesting that the more "resources" you add to a project, the more likely you are to increase or maintain quality. In my experience, the more people you add to an effort, the lower "quality" a product you get. This is usually due to:

-Delays introduced by "designed by committee" mentalities which result in hurried designs and compromise
-Productivity issues as more junior members are introduced to the team, causing the "superstars" to be promoted beyond their effectiveness
-Various other nonsense I don't feel like commenting on

There, I've vented.

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