Monday, April 20, 2009

Kings of Leon

Crispoe and I saw the Kings of Leon in Boston last night.  My quick thoughts:
  • The lead singer has a very powerful voice and pushes it fairly far.  I imagine he must gargle alot.  He doesn't seem to venture outside his favorite 5 notes though and after an hour or more of listening all the songs start blending together.
  • The band is good and does keep it interesting.
  • The bassist is particularly good.
  • The guitarist looks 15 and appears to idolize Slash, given his guitar and cigarette-stuck-in-the-guitar-string technique.
  • The band stuck to the music, not speaking much and kept things moving throughout the night.
Overall they seem to have potential.  But then who am I to judge, really?

1 comment:

Mike said...

Looks like you had nice seats, good view. I like that Slash reference and that you notice the bassist was good... poor bass players are always overlooked.